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Irina Streich

From 1982 to 1985 Irina Streich studied at the Technical School of Mechanical Engineering of Bautzen, Germany, focussing on metalworking technology. In 1985 she was awarded a diploma as engineer (Dipl.-Ingenieur (FH)). After graduation Ms. Streich joined the company Waggonbau Niesky GmbH which develops and produces special freight cars. In this company she worked as design engineer in the development department. During her time at Waggonbau GmbH Niesky she successfully completed a three-year postgraduate correspondence degree course in Intellectual Property and Copyright from the Berlin Humboldt University, earning the degree of patent engineer in 1991. From 1991 to 1992 she worked as patent engineer in the patent department of the Waggonbau Niesky GmbH. Ms. Streich has been with Vossius & Partner since 1993. She works predominantly on German and European patent cases at the examination and opposition stage.

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