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Dr. Daniel Eisenbarth

studied biology at the University of Bayreuth with emphasis on molecular plant physiology. In 2000, Dr. Eisenbarth was awarded for a business plan in the field of DNA‑chip technology by the f.u.n. netzwerk nordbayern gmbh. In 2004, Dr. Eisenbarth received his doctorate at the Institute of Plant Physiology of the University of Bayreuth in the field of molecular and biophysical principles of water and assimilate transport through plant membranes and of plant growth (Aquaporins/Major Intrinsic Proteins, Sugar Carriers).

Dr. Eisenbarth works for VOSSIUS & PARTNER since 2004, since 2010 as a European Patent Attorney.

Dr. Eisenbarth can rely on his extensive experience in patent prosecution and granting procedures. He has markedly ample and in‑depth expertise in European patent affairs. He utilizes this expertise in the first as well as in the second instance proceedings before the EPO. Furthermore, Dr. Eisenbarth has profound practical experience in patent prosecution and granting procedures in countries beyond Europe, in particular before the USPTO, JPO, CIPO, SIPO China und IP Australia, and also before the relevant Latin-American patent offices.

Also strategic consultancy in patent portfolio management is among Dr. Eisenbarth’s competence. Moreover, Dr. Eisenbarth is involved in validity and infringement or freedom‑to‑operate opinions, as well as in/and also in IP‑related due diligence investigations. He has also working knowledge as to registration procedures of Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs)

Dr. Eisenbarth has special skills in obtaining and assessing internet disclosures („Wayback Machine“; eg T990/09).

Dr. Eisenbarth’s specialized knowledge spans the entire life sciences. Emphases are optimized proteins/peptides & antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, cloned genes, transgenic plants, in particular transgenic crops, cell culture & fermentation technology, plant protection (resistance genes), but also infectious viruses (e.g. HIV, Dengue), dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, bioreactors.

Dr. Eisenbarth is member of the Association of Intellectual Property Experts VPP.

Dr. Daniel Eisenbarth
European Patent Attorney


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Special Fields

  • Molecular Biology
  • Plant Biotechnology & Plant Physiology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Therapeutic and Diagnostic Proteins & Antibodies
  • Internet Disclosures
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