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Dr. Christian Gugerell

studied chemistry at the Technical University in Vienna and received his Ph.D. (Dr. techn.) in 1970. Simultaneously, towards the end of his studies, he worked at the Austrian Patent Office as an examiner for two years. Thereafter, he joined Schering-Plough´s patent department in Lucerne, Switzerland, and became a European Patent Attorney in 1978.

Dr. Gugerell joined the European Patent Office in Munich in April 1981, where he started as an examiner in chemistry and biotechnology and in 1991 he became director of the first biotechnology directorate of the Office in Munich. Until the date of his retirement in February 2007 he had substantial influence on the Office´s mode of examination in biotechnology, he had contacts to the Commission assisting the work on the Directive on the legal protection of biotechnological inventions (98/44/EC), and taught patent law at CEIPI in Strasbourg.

Dr. Gugerell joined the firm of VOSSIUS & PARTNER as a consultant in April 2007.

Dr. Christian Gugerell
European Patent Attorney

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