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21. Practice Areas  
Practice Areas VOSSIUS & PARTNER provides advice regarding all legal questions concerning the protection of intellectual property. Patent law Patent infringement Trademark law Design law ...  
22. Professional Services  
Professional Services We can offer you the following services adapted to your specific requirements in the form of individually organized teams. One Stop. Full Service. An Overview. IP...  
23. IP Prosecution and IP Portfolio Management  
Professional Services | IP Prosecution and...  
24. Enforcement and IP Litigation  
Professional Services | Enforcement and IP Litigation Our accomplished litigators ensure judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of your proprietary rights and support you in cases of intellectual...  
25. Drafting and Negotiating Contracts  
Professional Services | Drafting and Negotiating Contracts We draft all types of IP-relevant contracts such as development contracts and licensing contracts, and support you in your contract...  
26. IP Research  
Professional Services | IP Research An application for property rights and their implementation has to be preceded by thorough research with regard to existing property rights. This may also apply...  
27. Strategic IP Consulting and Competitor Analysis  
Professional Services | Strategic IP Consulting and...  
28. Anticounterfeiting and Border Measures  
Professional Services | Anticounterfeiting and...  
29. IP Valuation Services  
Professional Services | IP Valuation Services We can draw on our extensive expertise in technology, law, and business for the evaluation of intellectual property rights, and issue all kinds of...  
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