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Departments | Chemistry & Pharmacology

Nami Saeki
was born in Ehime, Japan. She studied inorganic chemistry at Waseda University. After completing her master course, she joined Asahi Kasei Corporation in 2001. After several years of working in the field of polymer chemistry, in 2006 she joined the intellectual property department of Asahi Kasei Corporation and was in charge of EP, US and Asian countries’ patent prosecution. Since 2007 she has been admitted to practice as a Japanese Patent Attorney.
She has been with the firm of VOSSIUS & PARTNER since 2010. She has been admitted to practice as a European Patent Attorney since 2013 and as a German Patent Attorney in 2018. Language: Japanese, English, German.

Nami Saeki
Japanese Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney


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Special Fields

  • Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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