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Team | Biology & Biotechnology

Dr. Sandra Unterseer

studied biology at the Technical University of Munich with an emphasis on genetics, molecular biology and physiology and received her doctorate at the Chair of Plant Breeding. She worked on the identification and characterization of genetic changes in the genome due to evolution and breeding and the identification of relevant genes. Furthermore, she was significantly involved in the development of a high resolution detection system based on genetic markers for crops.

Dr. Unterseer has particular expertise in the field of nucleic acids, genetic modifications, animal and plant breeding, human medicine and bioinformatics. Due to her focus on interdisciplinary topics at the interface between biology and engineering/IT she often cooperates with partners from the technical and engineering department.

She was awarded in 2017 for her summa cum laude dissertation with a price for outstanding work by young researchers and academics by the Johannes B. Ortner Foundation.

Dr. Unterseer joined Vossius & Partner at their Munich office in 2017 and is currently training to become a German and European patent attorney. 

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