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Departments | Chemistry & Pharmacology

Dr. Alexa von Uexküll
was born in Hong Kong and brought up in Tokyo and Singapore.She studied inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry, physiology, genetics, microbiology and molecular biology with special emphasis on pharmacology at the University of London. The research for her PhD thesis (Kings College, London) was funded by a case award from Glaxo Pharmaceuticals, where she also gained industrial research experience in the field of central neuropharmacology, including Alzheimer's desease and opioid tolerance and dependence. She joined VOSSIUS & PARTNER in 1988 and was admitted to practice as a German Patent Attorney (Patentanwalt) in 1991, a European Patent Attorney in 1992, and a European Trade Mark Attorney in 1996. In 1993, Dr. von Uexküll became a partner in the firm.

Dr. Alexa von Uexküll is the publisher of the dictionary of patent and trademark practice, "Wörterbuch der Patent- und Markenpraxis", which was conceived by her uncle, Dr. J.-Detlev Baron von Uexküll.

Baroness Alexa von Uexküll, Ph.D.
B.Sc. M.Sc.
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark & Design Att.


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Special Fields

  • Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates
  • Data Exclusivity
  • Food and Cosmetic Law

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