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1. Chemistry and Pharmacology  
Departments | Chemistry and Pharmacology Attorneys Dr. Alexa von Uexküll, M.Sc. Dr. Rudolf Weinberger, Dipl.-Chem. Dr. Natalia Berryman, Dipl.-Chem. Dr. Stefan Fickert, Dipl.-Chem.,...  
2. Dr. Andrea Schmidt  
Team | Chemistry & Pharmacology Dr. Andrea Schmidt Attorneys responsible for Chemistry & Pharmacology  
3. Attorneys  
Departments Chemistry and Pharmacology Biology and Biotechnology Physics, Engineering and IT Trademarks, Designs and Competition Law Patent Disputes and Patent Litigation ...  
4. Economics & Asia Desk  
Team | Economics & Asia Desk Management & Economics Frank Bollmann, Managing Director Asia Desk Yoshikazu Ishino Mechanical Engineer Nami Saeki, M.Sc. Japanese Patent...  
5. Peter Johannes Klein  
Peter Johannes Klein Rechtsanwalt (Attorney-at-Law) Contact download vCard Special Fields Trademarks Designs Unfair Competition Internet law Litigation ...  
6. Our Firm  
Our Firm VOSSIUS & PARTNER is a leading law firm in Europe engaging in international activities in the field of intellectual property. Clients can profit from the profound scientific and legal...  
7. Zhuomin Wu  
Zhuomin Wu, LL.M. Directing Counsel (China) Contact download vCard Special Fields SEP Licensing & FRAND Negotiation IP Litigation Management IP Compliance &...  
8. Career  
Information | Career Presently VOSSIUS & PARTNER is looking for: Vacancies   E-mail to: Postal Address:  VOSSIUS & PARTNER...  
9. Biology and Biotechnology  
Departments | Biology and Biotechnology Attorneys Dr. Hans-Rainer Jaenichen, Dipl.-Biol. Dr. Joachim Wachenfeld, Biol. Dr. Friederike Stolzenburg, Dipl.-Biol. Dr. Jürgen Meier,...  
10. Dr. Caroline Haas  
Team | Biology & Biotechnology Attorneys responsible for Biology & Biotechnology  
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